November 28th, 1999

Isle of Blue has been recovered! Tonight groups of citizens came to the assistance of Tiare and Ohorme and were able to recover the diamond known as the Isle of Blue. In order to do so they had to reach the contacts before the buyer of the stone and this was no easy task. Each of the people they had to meet was afflicted with some abnormality. The first: A Wisp named Jay, was a man who had been turned into a wisp by Lenore the Gypsy. The brave teams soon discovered his fear of rabbits and he fled leaving a clue book behind. The next they encountered was Clara the Gypsy. Clara had been made insane by Lenore and the voices in her head left her writhing in pain. Only the soothing beat of a Gypsy tamborine would allow her to speak long enough and give information on the final Conact. Finally, they met up with Pierre d'Ox who had the gem in his possession. This man was quite confused and difficult to speak with. When asked for a rock he gave a shirt to the group. Somehow Dane Alexander and Bub'Ger realized that Pierre wanted 500,000 gold for the Diamond but requested only 000005 gold. They produced the money and returned to the Tavern with the Isle of Blue and its certificate of authenticity. Late in the evening the gem was quietly returned to the safe of Lord Hinkle Flancher and Ohorme's life was spared.

After the group returned to the Dead Dove Tavern, Brigands attacked the building. One of the corpses produced a book telling of the possible future attack on Avalon by Captain Reid and his men. Jacob Tyrer followed soon after and suggested he might be able to have the attack delayed until such time as the town was prepared to fight. 'Tis up to the citizens of Avalon now.

The Tale Clara The Gypsy

Dane's 'Rock' A Hired Hand

November 26th, 1999

The final part of the letter has reached the public eye. Since the public now knows all the information, I request your assistance at the Dead Dove Tavern on Sunday, November 28th, 1999 at 5pm PST. By then I shall have received information on the location of the first meeting spot and will relay it to you. From there, you must follow the clues and come back with Isle of Blue before the others can get to it. As you can see from the remaining part of the letter, the Isle of Blue will transfer hands sometime Sunday evening. If you can get the diamond and bring it to the Dead Dove the 15,000 gold reward will be yours to keep.

Part 2of a 2 part series …. Message from Tiare L'Roisto to Ohorme concerning the Isle of Blue:

Inside the blue chest was the Isle of blue and a note from Frederick. The letter said, "You carelessly tossed the diamond from your window instead of locking it away so that no other could be cursed by its evil. My wife is dead because of your negligence and thus, I paid Lenore the Gypsy to place an additional curse upon the stone. The diamond must remain with you until you die. If another gains ownership of the gem they will die within 30 days as well as all of your remaining family members. The diamond no longer has to be worn for the curse to take effect…"

Lord Flancher read the letter and immediately locked the chest up in a safe. His first task each morning was to check the safe to ensure the diamond remained in his possession. For 30 years the diamond lay in the safe and untouched until 3 Sundays ago. That morning Hinkle opened up the safe to find it empty.

Ohorme, you have little time to get the diamond back. 'Tis unlike you to be careless with your trophies but what is done is done. I have received word that on Sunday, November 28th, the diamond will again change hands. There are 3 contacts who know of the diamond's whereabouts but none of them know exactly who is supposed to get the diamond - only that a certain word or event will be used to as a signal to give information on the Isle of Blue. We can use this to our advantage with one caveat: Each of these people has some peculiar trait, which will make it hard to converse with them, nor will they give up the information easily. We must start planning immediately! I think we need some help on this.

Best regards, Tiare

November 22th, 1999

More on the Isle of Blue:

Once again our privacy has been breached and the letter I sent to Ohorme was posted in the news. I am working to secure the 2nd part of this letter before it can be published and will not explain myself until then. -Tiare

Part 1 of a 2 part series …. Message from Tiare L'Roisto to Ohorme concerning the Isle of Blue:

Dear Ohorme,

I'd ask you how you are doing but the answer to that is obvious from the words Jynkle spoke. Things have been busy here trying to re-open the Dead Dove. Adrian has moved into the back room and has been a great assistant (Could he be anything less?). I'm sure Hugh would have something to grumble about but you know how that old man is.

I know this isn't the time to chitchat so let's get on with it. I've called in some 'favors' and received quite a bit of information on the Isle of Blue. I will say nothing to Jynkle for that is your job. It seems you are in quite a bit of trouble but you must know a bit of this or you wouldn't be offering such a large reward for its return. My sources are reliable although a bit expensive and we will have to discuss compensation later.

Here is what I've found out: The Isle of Blue is a flawless, blue diamond of 768 carats discovered by Lord Hinkle Flancher. The original weight was 1024 carats before it was faceted into the shape of a pear for his wife. Hinkle had the gem set into a brooch and presented it to his wife for her 40th birthday. A fortnight after receiving the gift she fell into a coma and died shortly thereafter. The eldest daughter was given the brooch after the funeral and she wore it in memory of her mother. She too became ill and died within the month. Both members of the family were wearing the brooch at the time of their death. Emily, the youngest daughter was next to receive the brooch and illness beset her within days. As she was carried to her bed, Hinkle ripped the brooch from her nightshirt and flung it out the window. Emily slowly recovered but never regained the use of her legs.

Frederick, the family gardener, found the brooch in a flowerbed and pocketed it. That night he presented it to his beloved wife and she placed on her tattered gown, vowing to wear it forever. The next morning Frederick found his wife had passed away in her sleep. Just before the funeral he learned that each of the Flancher women had worn the brooch just prior to becoming ill. He pried the diamond from its setting and brought it to a Lenore the Gypsy so a curse could be placed on it. Then he placed the diamond inside a blue chest and left it on the doorsteps of the Flancher manor. ….

Story to be continued in the Wednesday Edition

We shall see about that.

November 17th, 1999

Found this recently in a local newspaper. Apparently we have someone who is less than honorable around, stealing things from the Dead Dove. That will be dealt with later but I have retrieved Jynkle's journal and locked it down in the Dead Dove so it can be safely returned to him.

From the pages of Jynkle's private diary:


…. Met with Ohorme today and he is quite upset over the disappearance of the 'Isle of Blue'. I asked him what this was exactly but he was leery of speaking about it aloud. Knowing Ohorme, the value of the item must be tremendous (and like most of his belongings, the acquisition of it must have been shady). I offered my assistance but he replied he had information forthcoming and had some informants employees working to recover the item. He asked that I visit Tiare L'Roisto and see if any of her 'friends' have heard of its whereabouts. He also said there was a large bounty reward for its return but all must be kept quiet.


Tiare was eager to help but had no information for me. She assured me that word of the disappearance would be sent out to the appropriate individuals and told me to return in a few days. Hopefully she will have heard something from the winds by the time I return to the Dead Dove.


Went to the Dead Dove and spoke with Tiare again. She handed me a sealed message to be delivered to Ohorme and asked me to return in 2 days hence. She appeared visibly shaken and would not speak of the Isle of Blue.


Today I meet with Ohorme to deliver the parchment. I wonder what could be so special about this item? Later - Ohorme was in a meeting with several individuals and had time only to take the message from me. I'm confused.

The next evening he came back to the Dead Dove and his diary fell out of his pocket sometime during the visit. By the time I found it, these pages were missing and later posted by journalists. Since our private chats have reached the ears of the public I will request your assistance. Information is slowly coming in but we need more to obtain the item. We believe a small group of bandits have absconded with the Isle of Blue and will be selling it to another group sometime in the next week. I cannot tell you who these people are nor what the Isle of Blue is until Ohorme allows this information to become public. I will pay for any information that can be recovered and Ohorme has offered a reward of 15,000 gold for safe return of the Isle of Blue.

November 14th, 1999

In order for our staff to get to know the you better we would like to hear the your life story. Come share a drink with us and tell us where you are from and how you came to be. The more you drink the more you'll tell - even if the story is 'creatively' enhanced.

November 11th, 1999

Results of the Drink Yourself Silly

The City was renamed Avalon, City of Drunkards, this eve with the Drink Yourself Silly contest at the Dead Dove Tavern. Contestants drank far too much brew and performed their duties on rubbery legs. They drank, they ran, they cheated, they mooned Lord British in salute (tis the only salute he deserves) and finally congregated by the museum to create some rather incredible works of art. In the end, Katrina edged out the others as the winner of the event and was given 5000g as a prize. Stop by the Dead Dove and see their drunken poetry on display (most were too tipsy to include their name on the poems).

Sculpture Entries


November 8th, 1999:

The Object of this event is drink so much you don't won't care how silly you will look doing it. Don't worry, you probably won't remember it in the morning. Please refrain from getting sick inside the Tavern because I've spent far too much time cleaning it up.

The Contest (You will be supplied with all required items for this contest):

  1. Drink 4 bottles of Ale.
  2. After the last swig of ale run around the Dead Dove 4 times and reenter.
  3. Optional bonus points: Strip down to your skivvies, renounce Lord British for his attack on the tavern and moon the audience. (Please put your clothes back on - This is a tavern not a Brothel.)
  4. Sing "5 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"'.
  5. Write a 4 line poem about ale (poems do not have to rhyme).
  6. Upon returning your poetry book to me, you will receive a bag containing 10-20 items. Proceed outside and make a sculpture with items inside the bag. Remain standing by artwork when you are finished.

Judging: Speed-25%, accuracy-25%, creativity-25%, random points assigned by subjective judge-25%

Please note: Creative (please note the 'creative' part of this sentence) cheating, bribing and treachery will receive bonus points as determined by the judge. Prizes: First Place 5,000 gold. Runners up will will be awarded with a hangover in the morning.

November 6th, 1999

Check here for the latest events and happenings at the Dead Dove Tavern. Much more soon to come.