Compu-Net Enterprises - Clarksville & Paris TN

Our blackhole lists are defunct. We announced their closure over 2 years ago and it was 
widely covered by the press at the time. We are still recording several hundred lookups 
per minute so Friday December 9th 2005 we started answering positive to all requests. If your
mail is being blocked simply contact any isp blocking you using these lists and let them 
know they need to remove them ASAP! If they have questions they can contact me directly. 
My email is

    To identify whom to contact please reference the error message you receive. Look for something similar to:
      ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to >>> MAIL From:<> <<< 518 Your SMTP server is listed at 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable
    In this case you would contact you would tell them that the dnsbl is defunct and is now answering postiive on all lookups. As such they should remove it and any other dnsbl ASAP to prevent legitimate emails from being blocked. If they need verification send them to this web site.
I announced this upcoming change to both the SPAM-L mailing list and the newsgroup "Over 2 years ago I shutdown,, and then announced the shutdown on the and several other mail and abuse related lists. As of today I am still logging several hundred requests per minute to it two years later. In one week I am going to start answering positive on every lookup to those domains. I don't want to do this however I am not going to continue to bear the load for something that ceased to exist over two years ago. So basically check your mail servers and if you are using the, or dnsbls remove it asap! Thanks." Bill Larson Network Administrator Compu-Net Enterprises