March 17th, 2000

Results of the St. Patricks Day Dash

It was a joint effort between the Golden Brew and the Dead Dove to bring citizens together on a sunny day and enjoy the outdoors. The goal? To watch them drink excessively and run through the lands naked!

Lining up for Running Shoes and Ale
New Bartenders
Racing Attire

The race began at the Dead Dove where people stripped down only to their running shoes and were asked to drink 3 bottles of ale. Contestants were snooped to make sure there were no recall runes nor reagents in their packs. Midway through the race they met up at a checkpoint with Brother Duncan, who supplied the parched runners with an additional bottle of ale. From there they ran to the finish line - The Golden Brew.

Dane's New Look
It Begins
Feeling the Effects of the Ale


Explaining a Favorite Hobby
A Happy Judge
Run Like the Wind

The winner, by a coarse leg hair, was Claude.

Claude refused to accept the 30,000 gold prize so it will be used for the next race. Hopefully it will include additional taverns in the future!

January 23rd, 2000

It has been over 2 months since the last Drink Yourself Silly and we had so much fun that it is time for an encore performance.

The Object of this event is drink so much you don't won't care how silly you will look doing it. Don't worry, you probably won't remember much of the event in the morning. Please refrain from getting sick inside the Tavern because I've spent far too much time cleaning it up.

The Contest (You will be supplied with all required items for this contest):

  1. Drink 4 bottles of Ale.
  2. After the last swig of ale run around the Dead Dove 4 times and reenter.
  3. Optional bonus points: Strip down to your skivvies, renounce Lord British for his attack on the tavern and moon the audience. (Please put your clothes back on - This is a tavern not a Brothel.)
  4. Sing "5 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"'.
  5. Write a 4 line poem about ale (poems do not have to rhyme).
  6. Upon returning your poetry book to me, you will receive a bag containing 10-20 items. Proceed outside and make a sculpture with items inside the bag. Remain standing by artwork when you are finished. You will be asked to explain what your sculpture means.

Judging: Speed-25%, accuracy-25%, creativity-25%, random points assigned by subjective judge-25%

Please note: Creative (please note the 'creative' part of this sentence) cheating, bribing and treachery will receive bonus points as determined by the judge. Prizes: First Place 5,000 gold. Runners up will will be awarded with a hangover in the morning.

January 17th, 2000

The Dead Dove Tavern was quiet and I was wiping down the counters in preparation for the Amazon Fight Night crowd to arrive when a warrior named Magdalen pushed through the doors. She sat down at the counter and said that Jacob Tyrer was scheduled to meet someone here at the tavern and it concerned the Necklace of Holding. Others started arriving in quick succession for they also heard of Jacob's news (and of the free ale that was flowing). Whilst we were waiting for Jacob to arrive, Carnage repeated the tale of the first sighting of Mordrok and how he got the necklace and I retold the mission to find Mordrok's missing hat a few days before.

Jacob Tyrer slowly walked in but did not sit down to rest his aching back, as was his usual manner. He was obviously preoccupied with the details of tonight and was waiting for several others to show. In strode Brandon, a cheerful, simple-minded cartographer, who was the person Jacob had been waiting for. Jacob took a moment to greet Brandon before he proceeded to tell us why we were gathered. The Necklace of Holding had drawn Jacob's attention so he paid a visit to a man that had information of its history and possibly its gold value. When Jacob went to the man's residence he found the man dead, hanging from the rafters of the house. Tyrer walked over to a bookcase for he knew this man stored secret information there. He opened up a hollowed-out book and found a map hidden within its covers! He did not know if the map had anything to do with Mordrok or the necklace but the reason he had hired Brandon was to follow this map and see what it led to. He asked us to go with Brandon and watch after him in case any danger was present. After assurances of Brandon's trustworthiness, Jacob left to do more research.

Brandon decoded the map and had a rune to the very spot the map had indicated! We were gated to the treasure site and Brandon dug it up ease. Once the monsters had been slain, Brandon read to us from a book that he found lying in the chest:

Title: To My Master Written by: An Imp

"Master if you are reading these words, you have come back and I am dead, else you would not be retrieving the hat yourself. In this book I have written the hints to where I have hidden it."

"South of a wide tree town,
within an Imp's flying eye span
The guard's finger will point to the largest heart in the land.
The heart's direction will lead the way
To where a person's dream once lay."

The group pondered this riddle for a few moments and soon realized it was leading us to the ruins of a house that lay southeast of the Yew Orc Fort.We immediately began searching every piece of furniture, masonry and item in the vicinity. Someone tripped over a loose rock in floor and out popped another chest! Brandon opened it and showed us it was filled with hundreds of hats but we didn't know which one could be the hat Mordrok was looking for. Magdalen shouted, "I have the hat! The white hat!" but we too busy looking for the hat to hear her words. All of a sudden, a burst of explosions and fire lit the night air and Mordrok appeared in the center of the blaze. He strode right to Magdalen and murdered her without so much as a blink of an eye and put on his white wizard's hat. She must have been hired by Mordrok to get the hat and her payment was her own blood, spilt upon the disintegrating floor. The warriors went straight for Mordrok's throat but all their spells and blades were useless as he only laughed at us before disappearing into the misty air.

Brandon left the party so he could relay the news to Jacob Tyrer and we went back to the Dead Dove to discuss the night's events. The tired group rested their legs and drank some ale but it was not over. Once more flames erupted out of nothingness and Mordrok appeared with fire in his eyes. Before the blades could be unsheathed, he mocked us and vaporized into the night.

Now the being that possesses Mordrok has the necklace and the hat. What is to be next?

January 8th, 2000

(found in the basket of the DDT)

Dear Joseph,

On Friday night a friendly man named Mordrok came to the Dead Dove requesting assistance from the patrons. He asked us to meet him and others at the Golden Brew for a spelunking mission to recover something of importance.

He had a large crowd that had gathered travel with him to the ice dungeon to recover an artifact. I offered to purchase it from him after it was recovered but Mordrok said it was to be donated to the Museum of Britain and would not be sold (we have ways around that technicality). I did not bother to go into to a slimy dungeon but sent eyes instead. Several from the group were asked to form a pentagram and when they did a dragon statue appeared and moved when Mordrok said an incantation. After the words were spoken a necklace appeared (later to be known as the Necklace of Holding) in the place of the statue. A man named Todd told Mordrok to wear the necklace and when Mordrok placed it on his neck he became completely different and evil. Todd tried to pull the necklace off Mordock and burned his hand in doing so. When Mordrok saw this he killed Todd in one blow.

Now here's where it gets even more interesting: Jacob Tyrer came for a visit but he seemed rather distracted. When questioned he spoke of the necklace but said nothing more than was already known. Jacob did mention its gold potential (I knew it!) but quickly changed the topic. Na-Krul demanded to speak to Jacob in private and when they returned Na-Krul would say nothing more. However, Jacob made indications that wanted to speak to me alone, most likely because he understands my business dealings with the likes of rogues, extortionists, informants and such. We adjourned to the back but before much was said Na-Krul flung open the door and refused to leave for fear he would miss out on more information. It was obvious that Jacob would speak no more with others in the room and said he would return when the tavern was less busy.

Later, Bub'Ger and I were watching a fight at the arena and we were talking about the events of the previous evening. I mistakenly called Mordrok by the name Mordock and when I did, explosions burst in the air and he appeared. He said, "Did I hear someone call my name? It is not my real name but this body's name is Mordrok!" He raised his hands in the air and was gone although he did appear once more to taunt us.

Jacob appeared shortly after to continue our conversation. We went to the meeting room and he seemed quite concerned. He knew that I was interested in obtaining this necklace as much as he was but whispered something about possession before Bub came and joined us. Jacob knows more about this necklace than he is letting on. He warned me that it was powerful and to stay away from it. He mentioned that he had researched the Necklace of Holding a long time ago but ignored what was said about its powers. I think he intends to get the necklace to sell it and I think Todd was hired by him to get the necklace once Mordrok made it appear.

Joseph, I think I have a buyer for that necklace myself and I plan on getting it. Let's meet up and discuss this.



January 2nd, 2000

Last night Seer Elair paid the Dead Dove Tavern a visit and told us of the troublesome happenings with the orcs in our lands. It seems the orcs are starving and homeless and in their efforts to survive they are taking human lives. It started last week when a massive assault on Britain was attempted by the orcs. Ogre Lords commanded the orcs and they led their troops just outside of Britain where they met up with our warriors. The orcs suffered devastating losses in numbers and retreated temporarily to rebuild. Later, a local miner near shame had been complaining of orcish infestation, which was at the center of the massive orcish battle. Apparently the orcs were seeking large quantities of ingots to recover from their losses and was why they had selected the fort at that area. The warriors drove the orcs from Shame so they marched to the Skara Brae farms only to be slaughtered once again.

Now it seems the orcs have split into smaller, more organized militia groups in order to increase their chances of survival. Elair said that the leaders of the larger groups must be found and killed to send the remaining orcs back into hiding. It would be impossible to eliminate all the orcs but if the leaders were killed the orcs would retreat and cease further attacks on our lands.

Seer Elair was questioned about the necessity of fighting the orcs since they are only doing what our warriors have been doing to them for years. He admitted that some of our actions could be considered cruel to the orcs but they had been preying on our innocent and that is why it is necessary to stop these attacks.

Later in the evening Elair learned a moral: Never challenge a rogue to his own game. Elair dared Joseph to a drinking game and Elair lost badly - with a little help from the audience of course.

December 28th, 1999

Come celebrate the last days of the old year and drink in the new year at the Dead Dove Tavern. Food and drink will be provided for the party. Warning: Anyone throwing snowballs inside the tavern will be asked to wipe the watery mess from the floor.

December 19th, 1999

The ale flowed, tales spun and trees decorated during the Christmas party last night. The winners of the Drunken Tree decorating contest were Meri and Grounded Fly with each recieving 5000g for their hard work. Visit the Dead Dove for an ale and see the Christmas tree stories displayed on the counter.

Meri's Tree The Contest New Barkeep

Before the Party


December 13th, 1999

Come join us at the Dead Dove Tavern for a Christmas party on Saturday. Food and drink will be provided as well as some Christmas tales and games. Join the Drunken Christmas tree decorating contest and you could win a prize. Materials will be supplied but you may add anything you would like to build the tree.

December 12th, 1999

Results of the Scavenger Hunt

Many individuals and teams gathered at the Dead Dove last eve to hunt down items from our lands (and some not from them). When in doubt, the players came up with creative alternates to the items shown on the list and brought back not one but three heads of Lord British and a *cough* White Wryven *cough*. Towards the end of the 90 minutes event teams frantically presented items they believed to be the three mystery items. In the end, Gil and Jixxa came in first place. Queen of Chaos was award a special prize for coming in second place and for bringing in the most creative scavenged items. Sadly, no doughnuts were found.

Announcing The Winners

Lord British?


December 4th, 1999

You will be given a book containing a list of items you need to recover using any method possible. Points will be given to each item and the person that has the most points at the end will win 5,000 gold. There will be a 90 minute time limit to collect the items listed. Notice: We will make all attempts to return your items however the Tavern is not responsible for lost or stolen items so be careful what you choose to bring. 'Tis a Rogue's tavern after all.

December 4th, 1999

Rumors of an impending invasion came true tonight as Captain Reid and his men invaded Avalon in the attempt to take over the peninsula. However, the citizens had been warned ahead of time and they were prepared to battle. Magical gates opened in front of Town Hall and people from all over came to defend the land which erupted into a battle lasting nearly an hour. Brigands and Mages charged the city but only succeeded in littering the ground with their own bloody corpses. In a final desperate attempt Captain Reid, along with his pet (a large red dragon!), led the final attack but they were struck down by the brave warriors. Afterwards the weary but elated citizens came to the Dead Dove to rest their legs and have a swig of ale.

The Death of Captain Reid
After the Battle


December 1st, 1999

The object of this event is to drink and lose your gold to the bartender. Gambling games were mastered on the back streets of Britain and Tiare was taught by some of the finest hustlers of the lands so be prepared to lose some of your hard earned coins. Bets will range from 5 gold to 50 gold per game. Free ale will be served to loosen your inhibitions. Creative cheating, bribing and treachery will encouraged.

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